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Paint protection film and loading sill protection ✓ perfect fit ✓ MADE IN GERMANY ✓ all models

Your shop for paint protection film and loading sill protection. Tailor-made, effective paint protection is hardly easier and cheaper to implement.

We are your professional for precisely fitting paint protection films and loading sill protection MADE IN GERMANY since 2008.

Protective films protect the paintwork of cars, motorcycles and bicycles . Universal films by the meter are suitable for caravans, mobile homes, bikes, vehicles and boats.

For which areas are there paint protection films?

Protective films and loading sill protection films protect your paintwork. Simple - quick and inexpensive. In the paint protection shop you will find precisely fitting, self-adhesive protective films for loading sills, door entrances and recessed grips . Protective films for all areas of application in trade, commerce and private households.

Why mount a loading sill protector and other protective films?

Car protective films serve as paint protection for the endangered areas such as loading sills, door sills or vehicle fronts. Precisely fitting, pre-cut self-adhesive stone chip protection films are available for all vehicles and are suitable for easy self-assembly thanks to their fit.

Effective protection of your car paintwork with stone chip protection films couldn't be easier. Protect your car paint against scratches, scrapes, stone chips or wounds, because these are not only expensive - especially for leased vehicles, company vehicles, rental cars or demonstration vehicles in the dealership - but also very annoying. This can be remedied by an easy-to-install, self-adhesive loading sill protection film that can of course be removed without leaving any residue, protecting the paintwork. Purchased online and installed in a few minutes, the car film protects your paintwork. Available in transparent qualities, silver, glossy black, matt black with a light structure and carbon look film.Not only the protective effect on the car paint is important to us, but also the visual effect that you can achieve with our car and decorative films.

Why buy stone chip protection film from the paint protection shop?

We have been producing custom-fit paint protection films since 2008 and therefore have more than 10 years of experience in the field of car paint protection. The protective films are produced digitally and computer-assisted - this guarantees a high level of accuracy and the same perfect result at all times.

Protect your vehicle paintwork against scratches, scrapes, stone chips or wounds, because these are usually not expensive, but also annoying. Whether private vehicles or company vehicles, leasing vehicles, rental cars or demonstration cars in the dealership - our paint protection film is the cost-effective precaution against paint damage - with loading sill protection film from the paint protection shop

Advantages of the paint protection films from the paint protection shop.

  • 100% custom-fit for your vehicle model
  • digital and computer-aided production for maximum precision
  • Use of high-performance films specially designed for use on vehicle paints
  • Delivery always with instructions and assembly squeegee